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About Cake Blessing

Do you dread store-bought delicacies? High sugar and preservatives  seem disastrous?

Located in the heart of London, we are a family owned business. We create delicious, fresh, baked goods from scratch. You will never have to worry about those unnecessary extra calories!

So slice on!

A sneak-peek into our blessings

Chocolate delight

Chocolate lover? Dessert Stealer?

Homemade chocolate melted to perfection makes the base for this delectable delight. Baked on low heat to make the perfect treat that you will fall in love with.

New Recipe

Creamy Pastry bonbons

A spin off of the Creme Patissiere. Its rich and creamy texture makes a mouthwatering , memorable snack.
Made with boiled vanilla pastry cream.

Crispy and soft, a spark in every bite!

Cinnamon Chip

Do cinnamon and vanilla calm your nerves and tingle your taste buds?
Try our favorite, tried and tested cinnamon delicacy folded with milk and honey.

You will never feel the need of cinnamon for a fragrant kitchen!

New Recipe

Honey Dew-drop

A sponge cake made with a combination of honey and condensed milk. Dipped in delectable chocolate and topped with broiled pecans dipped in honey.

Made to tickle your senses!

Our taste tickling reviews

Cake Blessing has the most amazing cakes that you can taste EVER! I tried their Caramel cake when I was there with my friends and we all fell in love with it!

I will go there again and this time to get a birthday cake for my daughter.  

- Amy Ignatius

I placed an order for my wedding cake here at Cake Blessing. Chrissy was so nice to show me the different cake patterns and flavors available. I picked one that was my fiance's favorite and it turned out to be fabulous! Definitely recommend Cake Blessing for your wedding cakes.

- Susie Mendoza

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Love Baking? Take a class with us and be that professional baker! We will teach you the basics of cake baking and buttercream frosting for a delicious icing.

Cake Decorating

Cake Decoration is a learned art. Anyone can decorate a cake with a little patience and practice. In this course, we will cover cake baking, prepping a cake for decorating and many other tips.

Cookie Designing

Learn how to decorate fresh cookies from our kitchen with our classes. You will learn tips for a perfect cookie and how to get the perfect cookie icing.

Pastry Making

In this class, we teach you the art of pastry making. From meringue and custards to dessert soufflés, dessert sauces and frozen desserts.

Speciality Breads

Next level baking - You will learn the most important qualities a bread should have. You will also learn mixing, fermenting, shaping, and baking bread!

Kids’ Cake Baking

Your kids love baking? Your child will learn the basics of baking a perfect cake! They will ice their cake from a variety of options available for icing.

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